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Myths and Facts

MYTH: Homoeopathic medicines are not used for Acutes.
FACT : Hom.medicines are used both for acute and chronic diseases.
MYTH : Homoeopathy cant give relief in fever.
FACTS : Medicines used for all kind of fevers as per the symptoms presented by individual.
MYTH : Homoeopathy does not cure fast.

FACT : Cure is based on selection of right medicine from thousands of medicines which depends on matching the closest medicine having those symptoms. Since medicine selection varies depending on symptoms which are peculiar of that person suffering from particular disease and not a fixed regime for everybody suffering from particular disease, it is a skill and knowledge of physician to find the correct medicine. In acutes person should start feeling better within first 3-4 hrs,and in chronic cases after 2-3 months definite improvement has to be there.

MYTH : ? role as preventive medicine.No role thus vaccinate as much as possible.

FACT : Homoeopathic science has emerged as one of the most accepted science as preventive. It has proved it efficiency till now in all kind of epidemic diseases since centuries. In epidemics a single remedy is found depending on symptoms presented by people suffering ,called -GENUS EPIDEMICUS which is given as preventive and curative to reduce morbidity and mortality. Thus individuals who are under homoeopathic treatment can experience the change in their state ,physical as well as mental. Also since the medicine makes the life force help to fight the disease force a person is able to deal with their illness in the healthiest manner. Thus they can experience optimum health. This makes the need of vaccination to minimal.It is also given for damage caused by vaccination in sensitive individuals.

MYTH : Homoeopathic medicine cannot be taken with Allopathic medicine.

FACT : Homoeopathic medicine can be taken with allopathic medicine if the later is mandatory for that period of time in any case. But gradually as the patient’s condition improves and his lab.values are within normal limits on repeated occasions when under homoeopathic care simultaneously, then the dosage of allopathic medicines can be reduced or waved off under guidance of allopathic physician. Sudden stopping the medicines when taking homoeo.medicine can be dangerous especially: antidiabetics,antihypertensives,steroids,antiepilectics,antidepressants ..

MYTH : Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects.

FACT : Let it be any substance if taken indiscriminately will cause its adverse effects. Thus self medication is NOT AT ALL ADVISABLE.MEDICINES TO BE TAKEN STRICTLY UNDER GUIDANCE OF QUALIFIED HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN.

MYTH: Homoeopathy science does not need any course or degree anybody can practice it just by reading few books

FACT: In 1973 Indian parliament passed the Homoeopathic Central Council bill and “Central Council of Homoeopathy” was established in 1974.This council is the controlling authority of education and practice of Homoeopathy in India.It is a degree course of 5 and a half years recognized by central Government of India as B.H.M.S(Bachelor in homoeopathy medicine and surgery).The subjects included are in detail Anatomy,Physiology,Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Biochemistry,Pathology,Forensic medicine.Surgery,Gynaec. And Obstetrics,Preventive and social medicine,Medicine,Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Organon of medicine. M.D. in Homoeopathy is three year full time course. PhD in homoeopathy as doctorate has started since last 5 yrs.