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Migraine is a syndrome of episodic recurrent headache, more often unilateral, which is associated with nausea, vomiting, photophobia or phonophobia.

Migraine- Triggers

1- Food items- cheese, dairy products, citrus fruits, chocolates, onion, sea food.

2- Food additives- monosodium glutamate, aspartame, nitrates, caffeine.

3- Alcohol- Red wine, beer

4- Homonal Changes- Menstruation, Ovulation, Pregnancy.

5- Physical Exertion- Excessive exercise, fatigue.

6- Visual Stimuli- Bright light Glare.

7- Auditory stimuli – Loud noise or music.

8- Olfactory Stimuli- Perfume and certain odour.

9- Sleep- Too much or too little.

10- Weather changes.

11- Head or neck trauma.

12- Hunger.

13- Stress and Anxiety.


1- Throbbing, Pulsating pain.

2- Light sensitivity.

3- Sound sensitivity.

4- Nausea

5- Pain on one side.

6- Vision changes, blurred vision.

7- Aura.

8- Vomiting.


The diagnosis of migraine is made by identifying a recurrent headache with certain features, no significant neurological signs on physical examination nor abnormal findings on investigation.


1- Be aware of common triggers and try to avoid them

2- Avoid nutrient deficiencies. increase magnesium in the diet by consuming more nuts, soybeans, and spinach.

3- Avoiding irregular or disruptive sleep patterns can help reduce stress and prevent the onset of migraines. Do not oversleep to make up for lost sleep, as this can also trigger migraines.